Custom made

As in tradition of thousand years’ art, MG ceramic showing it’s enduring charm. That‘s because of our professional craftsman still keep pace with the times and follow the time development create new products. Now the most 80&90 teen-agers are gradually becoming the main force of consumption, which make us constantly innovating our products. The traditional ceramic manufacturing and sales with undiversified product are slowly at a disadvantage and unpopular situation, because our Young people chase after fashion and individuation. To cater the market demand, ceramic enterprises are endeavoring to customize market for their products, all like hotel, household gift porcelain start to customization Marketing.

In fact, ceramic customized happened early, but now it’s more close to the concept of customization. All from the content of customized until spiritual essence. If I am customer that I hope the product design, manufacturing process and the features of the product, which can have my personal exclusive custom elements and embody my personality.

Sharp-sighted businessman have already joined into this large customized market. But in our opinion, very few of the companies can completely match with consumer’s customized need. Although some companies promise to make for you, their production technology and conditions can’t support. Therefore, you had better to find the professional company if you want to get the satisfying customized tableware.

MG is an enterprise that focuses on ceramic design& customization, our concept in which top creative porcelain and giftware as the customized core. Products mainly include: business gifts customized, ceramic wedding gift customized, housewarming gift customized, ceremony and souvenir customized, religious gift customized, hotel& restaurant personalized porcelain customized etc. It is well know that MG concentrate on developing the new product and its quality also praised by most of consumers. MG stick to the principle of "sincere desire on porcelain making, wholeheartedly on customer serving" and committed to the spread of modern creative ceramic culture. The product and service quality must be reliable as our aim at culture dissemination

MG products sell to all over the country base on their innovation and brave exploration, also served many famous enterprises and government organization on gift、souvenir and hotel restaurants porcelain. Also, the company’s porcelain products sell to abroad market such as North America, Europe, and many other countries. On-line shop gained good reputation from consumers and attracted a large number of fans.

Customized porcelain is not as simple as people think because it’s totally different with mass production factories, usually the quantity of manufactured products are not so much. Accordingly, design difficulty and production cost would be higher. But this is exactly the reason that Chinese Art process can be flourished as we have the excellent ceramic enterprise like MG that always keep improving and pursue the traditional culture innovation.