Our Heritage

MG factory was founded in 1994 by Mr Qiu zhenBiao. After 2002 MG is operated by the second generation “Mr Jay Qiu and MR Samuel Qiu”. Our products are made in the World Ceramics Capital of Chaozhou, China.

Specializing in high quality and innovative chinaware, we have nearly 20 years in experience providing to the restaurant markets and hotels.Besides the Chinese market, our chinaware is used worldwide in Asia, Europe, AmericaandCanada. Along with introducing traditional Asian chinawares, custom imprinting on our durable, stackable and ergonomically shaped ware is what MG is known for.

MG ceramics has an outstanding knowledge of ceramic craftsmanship combined with the best natural resources and the latest technologies available in the market. With a touch of earthy and rustic tones that create a design which is evocative of life and the natural world. With many flexible décor ranges presented in innumerous shapes that easily adapt to the hospitality industry.

MG Tableware satisfies the demands of our restaurant and hotel customers with items that are contemporary but yet invoking a sense of Asian tradition. We at MG are proud of our Asian culture and traditions, but we want you to know that our products are not just for Japanese restaurants. Our ceramic tableware bring out the best qualities of food from every culture and fit into every restaurant - from French to Pan-Asian to American

With the ever changing menu trends of today, needs of our customers are our number one priority. MG is dedicated to this ideal: bringing the implicit and elegance of Asian culture to your table - be it in your home or in the finest restaurant.


Year 1994 to 1997 - Mainly Produced Traditional White Porcelain Ware.

From 1998 - Started partial production of underglaze painting and solid color glaze.

Year 1998 to 2008 - Mainly produced white porcelain and Japanese/Korean Style color glaze tableware.

Year 2008 to 2012 - Concentrate on Japanese/Korean Style color glaze tableware manufacture instead of white porcelain,the design and quality have been better improved and perfected.

Since2021 - specializing in the production of color glaze, on the basis of retaining the traditional Japanese and Korean tableware, developed more suitable utensils for chinese and western cuisine.